Why Robert De Niro?

I post Robert De Niro images quite a bit and I reference him in a lot of quotes. We all know Robert De Niro is in any great mob movie -  Goodfellas, The Godfather, Casino the list goes on. I grew up watching Robert De niro movies.

I have memories of sitting on the couch watching The Godfather with my dad for the one hundredth time. Ive spent a lazy Sunday afternoon with my Nonno (grandfather) watching the Goodfellas together, looking at my Nonno confused as he laughed at the scenes when they killed a man for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Watching my Nonno smile as they sat around the table eating pasta and drinking wine.

My nonno to me is the most handsome man in the world and I always thought he looked like Robert De Niro in his younger days. When I post Robert De Niro images I am thinking of my Nonno, the most amazing man I know.

He came to Australia when he was 26 years old with a wife and four children. He gave up a great job, he was a horse trainer for the Italian Polo team he traveled all around Italy and Germany with the horses and become one of the best trainers. He left Italy and all of that to come to Australia and give his family a better life.

He is a real gentleman. Always dressed pristine, has a full head of white hair, still puts his brill cream in it every day even though he is 86 years old and never leaves the house. He still shaves himself even though it takes him over an hour and still to this day uses a traditional cut throat razor and Proraso shaving cream and brush (hence the reason to why I stock Proraso in my barber shop).

He is the true inspiration to why I admire mens grooming and have decided to start my own barber shop. He is the true definition of a gentleman. 


My Nonno

My Nonno

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