Cutri & Co. Barber Shop Blog

This blog is about the reasons why I post what I do on @cutriandcobarbershop Instagram. Instagram to me is about being a platform for posting inspirational images and a place where I can share what I am passionate about. The images I post on Instagram have become a popular topic of conversation in the barber shop and has become a great way for me to relate with my clients. Being an Italian girl growing up with two brothers, no sister and in a culture where a strong male figure dominated my environment surrounded by a father and two grandfathers that showed me the true essence of an Italian man from there life styles, dress sense and grooming. All of this lead me to the passion I have today as a Barber and for the reason why I decided to open my own barber shop. Over the years I have developed a deep interest in cars, male grooming and male fashion. I am a big fan of any Italian mob movie and The Sopranos is the best show ever made. If any of the above interests you, this is the blog for you.