Whats been going on with Cutri and Co?

As we are approaching June (times fly's when your having fun) I thought i'd take a minute to do a little update on what has been happening over the first half of 2018. 


The start of the year was super intense and full on with the renovations and preparations of Cutri and Co Bondi happening over Christmas/ New year (NOTE: only a crazy person would do a fit out  over this period) We where literally taping down drop sheets Christmas Eve and at the shop to 11pm every night but we got through it. 

Bondi has been great so far and we are just  taking it one step at a time thank you to all that come through and to my loyal customers that I've had for years that now are following me to the Bondi store. 

You can make an appointment with myself (Frances) or Blake on 02 9389 9105 or email us on Bondi@cutriandco.com.au


In March Cutri and Co Rozelle turned 2!!!!! They say the first year of business is the hardest but I think the second year was. So much growth and change happened! It was the hardest but the best year. Jake and Jarrod now run Rozelle and are doing amazing they are both so talented and have built a little cult following I look forward to see what the future holds for them! I stand by and preach that your team works with you not for you! 

The talent and growth they have had has been recognised in April by the local small business awards. Rozelle to our surprise has become a finalist! Massive well done to Jake and Jarrod we find out in June who wins! 

You can make an appointment with them on 02 9555 1605 or email us on contact@cutriandco.com


We also discovered that Cutri and co got voted top ten barber shops in Sydney by Pop Sugar (Pop sugar is an Australian Blog with over 5 million followers)


The last I should add is Cutri and co became x3!!!!! With the birth of Cutri and co Myer Warringah!! 


We got offered an amazing opportunity to have a space inside Myer Warringah mall and I couldn't refuse! We are located on the Mens level of Myer and have been open just under a month now! This Myer is new and it is stunning its one of Myers concept stores so to be apart of that space is a true honour! If you are around there be sure to check it out! We have a very talented barber named Jen in Warringah. It is open Tuesday to Saturday you can call on 02 8976 1276 or email us to make an appointment!


We currently have no further plans to expand Cutri and co but who knows that the future will hold. We are going to spend the next year focusing on these three stores and all we could hope for is that we get the continuous love and support we have received so far! The team of people behind the brand have been a big part of making this a reality but the most important are our loyal clientele that travel from all over Sydney to see us! The feeling we get when we have a client that has come from Liverpool to Rozelle just for haircut by us never gets old! 

With out each and every one of our clients none of this would be possible and that is our business motto! Customer satisfaction and appreciation is always number one!!!

Thank you 

Frances x

Cutri and Co Bondi

Today marks the opening of Cutri and co's second location in Bondi. This is a big milestone for me as it all started with one barber shop in Rozelle. Rozelle was a perfect location to start the Cutri and Co journey, it has such a strong community feel and everyone in the area is extremely supportive of local businesses because of this Cutri and co has been a success and now has expanded to a second location. 

Bondi - The second location is based at 95 Bondi Road. The shop front is what caught my eye and instantly made me fall in love with the store. The lay out and design is almost identical to Rozelle. Keeping with the Cutri and Co brand. 

Thank you to every single client of Rozelle Cutri and co because of you the next chapter of Cutri and Co has happened. Each and every one of you will always be apart of the Cutri and co family. I hope to see you forever support Rozelle and spread the word about Bondi. 

I look forward to meeting all the new clients in Bondi and continue doing what I am most passionate about, cutting mens hair.

Each happy client gives me the motivation to continue the dream of Cutri and Co Barber Shop.

To make a booking in Bondi email me on bondi@cutriandco.com.au or call me on 9389 9105

To see Jake and Jarrod in Rozelle email me on contact@cutriandco.com.au or call them on 9555 1605 

The trading hours are the same for both stores. 

Thank you 




Jake and Jarrod

The Cutri and Co. team has recently expanded to three. It took me a year  before I made the decision to hire other barbers. This was for many reasons. I wanted to really understand the clientele, the area and what surrounding areas had to offer and really understand exactly what they where looking for in a barber shop. I've seen other barber shops in the past open their doors with a full team of barbers, then the business go down hill with a high turn over of staff. That was always my biggest nightmare and something that I never wanted to happen. 

Jake and Jarrod fit Cutri and Co. perfectly and have been an absolute success.

I wanted two so that it was always easy for anyone to get a haircut when they needed. Because of this the three of us work full time. I understand the frustration of not being able to get an appointment when needed, because I myself, leave every appointment I need to make to the last minute. I wanted it to be easy for any one as we live in a time where time is extremely valuable. A friend once said to me, "I don't shave my own face because the time I waste in front of mirror I will never get back".

 Every decision I have made has been for my clients and what suits them. The best thing about Jake and Jarrod is that the three of us have an extremely similar style of cutting hair, so my existing clients have had no issues what so ever with any of us cutting their hair. That was one of the most important things to me. To ensure that the level of service would be consistent across the three of us.

Jake and Jarrod have a lot of experience between the two of them as barbers collectively over 12 years. Their level of detail is something that inspires me and something that I admire daily.

I learn new things from them daily, and that makes it all so much more fun. I've worked in shops that have a very strict environment, and that is always something that I never wanted to have in my shop. I always wanted to come to work and have fun, want to be there and I want the same for anyone that works along side me. I always say they don't work for me, they work with me. Clients are enjoying the atmosphere that the shop has now with the three of us, and thats because we all laugh, have a joke and make our day fun. 

My ideal space has become a reality. I hope you get to come in and enjoy it as much as we do. 

They say the hardest thing about business is staff, I got lucky I guess. 

To make Jake and Jarrod feel welcome, give us a call on 9555 1605 and ask for either Jake or Jarrod.

Frances xx

Below are some photos. Check out our Facebook page to see photos of hair cuts by Jake and Jarrod.



The only good thing about winter in my opinion has to be the fashion. I think everyone dresses better in winter. Men's winter fashion is always better then summer - I think anyways. I love coats and boots. I was looking at Fall 2017 Mens wear collections and pulled out some of my favourite looks from my favourite designers. 

Mainstream brands take inspiration from these and thats what creates a fashion trend. Balmain did a lot of green and army print so thats why we are seeing it in stores now. 

Givenchy and Gucci did sneakers with suits teamed up with a hoodie or puffer jacket and thats why we are seeing a lot of sneakers and tracksuits for street wear. Sneakers have become bigger then ever with more of a dressier sneaker being worn. The trend is all about mixing formal and casual, street wear with high end. I love it. 

Winter hair trends for this year are a similar concept - mixing polished with texture. So its about keeping the sides super neat and sharp with either a fade or a nice clean number two and having lots of movement and natural texture on the top. Staying away from products that give shine and using matt natural looking products like the Layrite Super Hold Cement or just using my new personal favourite Layrite Grooming Spray and blow-drying that in.  

Jake, Jarred and myself have been doing lots of this in the barber shop and our clients are loving it. I've always loved hair that looks "worn in" meaning hair that has texture and movement thats effortless just like all the trends that winter has. 

Below are some images of what I loved from Fall Mens Wear 2017. 

Let me know what you think.



Givenchy - Sneakers, suit and jacket.


Balmain- green army print

Balmain- men's green street wear.

Valentino - sneakers with a suit

Raf Simons for Calvin Klien - LOVE those boots

Th hair for Giorgio Armani was everything for me! Below are my three favourites 

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.

Frances xx

Porsche meets the female barber.

I always get asked why I post cars on Cutri and Co. Barber Shop's Instagram account and why I like Porsche's. They have also recently become sort of a fashion item. The popularity of a vintage Porsche has risen over the past year and when ever I post one it helps with traction to my social media account. The fact that I post cars is quite a big topic of conversation, I guess it's because I'm a girl. First question normally is "where did your love of cars come from?" - my dad and brother are mechanics, I grew up around cars. Like Sebastian from VRS Prestige Smash Repairs up the road from Cutri and Co. says "it's in your blood"

Cars remind me of freedom. That feeling when you got your first car and you could get in it and drive where ever you wanted. I love vintage 911 Porsche's to me they scream class and status. Porsche is one of the only cars that go up in value. 

I love a big powerful car too, something that has guts. I'm obsessed with the Mercedes G63. It's definitely a very masculine car, a man behind the wheel of a G63 I can imagine would feel very powerful. 

Like I said in my previous blog posts I'm obsessed with all things male grooming, fashion and cars just fit right in. 

A car is a mile stone in a man's life, typically most men strive for a great watch, a great car and a house. 

Car's are my motivation, motivates me to work harder and smarter. When I post a car on my Instagram that's me motivating my myself. Maybe it does the same for some of the people that follow the Instagram page too. 

Frances xx

Winter Fumes

I have an abnormal addiction to or shall I say obsession with fragrance and sunglasses. I collect them I have this theory that different styles of sunglasses are suitable for winter and you should change your fragrance/Cologne for the cooler seasons. 

I LOVE men's colognes and I often wear some myself. Its all part of my passion of men's grooming that I spoke about in my previous blogs. I normally can pick a scent that someone is wearing when I am cutting there hair and in the past I've used it as a conversation starter (lol) 

As the weather is changing out come the coats and in comes the rain, it gets darker earlier and to be honest the only thing I like about winter is the fashion. To me everyone looks better in winter.

A scent on someone is very defining just as much as how they choose to present themselves and wear their hair. A lot can be said about someone by the way they choose to dress. A scent though is something that is very memorable, it tops it all off - it adds character. 

I recently started wearing Tom Ford Arabian Wood I love this fragrance, it's deep and heavy hence the reason why i'd only wear it in the cooler months. Imagine wearing something very deep and woody on a hot summers day! The thought makes me cringe. Summer should be fresh and light and winter heavy and deep. To me its like eating a hot bowl of soup on a 40 degree day while sitting in the sun on the beach. It just doesn't go. A lot of clients have noticed Tom Ford Arabian Wood and have complemented it and then bought it after I've told them it is dominantly a men's fragrance. The reason why I've decided to write this blog. 

Below are my ultimate mens colognes that I adore with a passion! If you haven't already got one of these or you haven't smelt them I advise you to defiantly without hesitation do so. Seriously.


This one can be hard to find although a customer told me he got it in duty free last week. It belongs to Tom Ford's luxurious collection Private Blend. It is very deep and woody it was designed for the Kuwait Market so that should give you some form of indication of what it smells like. 

Terre D'hermes is my number one favourite men's cologne ever! Anyone that  knows me well, knows this. To me it is the most perfect men's scent ever made. It has a lot of earthy notes (terre meaning earth) it's spicy but also a little fresh with orange and then cedar. It changes on the skin as the day goes on. I adore this scent and wear it myself from time to time. It isn't for everyone I wouldn't call it generic. 

I dicovered WONDERWOOD from Comme des Garcons not long ago and fell head over heels. I wear Amazing Green from Comme Des Garcons, I think every fragrance they do is spot on to be honest and they are mainly unisex. It has all my favourite notes in it - cedar wood, sandalwood and vetiver. 

Bvlgari Man, this is that one fragrance if you are ever shopping with me I will make you buy this. My brothers are victims of this. It defiantly suits anyone its crisp and sharp it's an oriental woody fragrance and to be honest works perfectly in summer to. The name suits it so well. It defiantly leaves the impression of a man not a boy. 

Platinum Egosite to me is a fragrance that more people need to know about. It is so masculine even I feel like I've gone to far by wearing it myself lol. It is rich and woody, its slightly floral and musky and has fresh aromatic scents. I think it does work all year round and whenever I smell this I think gentleman. 

I would love to know what your favourite cologne, let me know next time you are in. I am always on the look out for something new.

Frances xx

"It's not what you say, it's what you do!"

"Whats my name?" - Muhammed Ali

Inspiration is what drives me, it keeps me interested it keeps me motivated. Lots of things inspire me, I'm forever making hair contact before I make eye contact. Hair is not the only thing that inspires me though. 

One client in particular really got me thinking when he asked me why I post Ali on my instagram and if I actually like boxing. I don't like many sports, boxing I do like. I remember the first fight I watched was the one when Tyson bit off Holyfields ear in 1997 I was 11, from that point on I thought I like this sport.

Another client Kris that is a boxer and that has also done Muay Thai taught me a lot about boxing. He is an Ali fan and what he said to me about him stuck in my head and made me like him more. He said that technically Ali wasn't the best fighter but he had the most determination. He also taught me if I ever do get into a fight go for the ear, dig in to the top of the ear and tear down! I thought that was funny. 

The reason why I posted my first Ali picture and quote was because someone said to me once "it's not what you say, it's what you do".

People that actually  "put there money where there mouth is" and not are just all talk are inspiring to me as that takes great strength and lack of fear. Muhammed Ali is someone that I think is definitely that. 

In a world where social media has allowed people to be perceived how ever they want to be perceived instead of who they really are to find people that do more then what they say or actually do what they say is inspiring to me. I value people that I have in my life that are real and are unapologetic about who they are. Ali said he was the greatest and he became the greatest. 

He looked at his job the way everyone should. He set himself goals and he achieved them. Ali has some of the best quotes of all time my number one would have to be - "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it" 

Thank you for reading and allowing me to express what ever I want to talk about on my blog, this blog is for my clients. It was never meant to just be about hair or a way for me to gain new clients. I am having a lot of fun with it I always get so excited when someone has told me they read it. Frances xx

Rebel without a cause

Have you seen a James Dean pic on my instagram page?


I believe I have a certain style with the way I cut hair and the way I perceive the perfect hair cut to be. To me a great men’s haircut should look great with and without product, you should be able to wear it naturally and it should be able to look amazing. You should be able to add product and change it to be a more polished formal look if needed.


A little tip!

Always see how much product the barber/hairstylist is putting in your hair after they have cut it and how long it takes them to style it. The more product, the more time the worse the haircut!


Think if it’s taking them that long and they need that much product, times that by three and that’s how long it is going to take you.


I love hair that looks like its been “worn in” like a good leather jacket or those new pair of RM William boots. Hair that looks effortless but cool like you are naturally fashionable and well presented. Does anyone want to look like they are trying to hard? Don’t get me wrong I love a good zero fade, it always looks really slick but for me I make sure it is very well blended with no sharp lines.


James Dean’s hair is just a perfect example of working with the natural texture in hair and having a haircut that looks effortless, amazing without product and works perfectly with product to give it a more formal look.


From a time when Elvis Presley was still skinny and “rocked” a super slick shinny hairstyle. James Dean changed men’s hair styles, he is a true “Rebel without a cause”.



When I post James Dean photos I always reminisce of when I first feel in love with men’s grooming. Being a female barber I have the ability to create hair styles with my clients that not just suit their face shapes, head shapes and lifestyles I have the ability to create looks together that give my clients confidence, style and character. I personally over the years have developed a love for being effortlessly cool, I love when someone looks like they didn’t try to hard and has their own personal style and individuality. A great haircut is about expressing your personality and who you are as a person. I can tell a lot about someone with how they choose to present themselves and this is something I value most with what I’ve learnt as a women over the past 13 years of my career.