Whats been going on with Cutri and Co?

As we are approaching June (times fly's when your having fun) I thought i'd take a minute to do a little update on what has been happening over the first half of 2018. 


The start of the year was super intense and full on with the renovations and preparations of Cutri and Co Bondi happening over Christmas/ New year (NOTE: only a crazy person would do a fit out  over this period) We where literally taping down drop sheets Christmas Eve and at the shop to 11pm every night but we got through it. 

Bondi has been great so far and we are just  taking it one step at a time thank you to all that come through and to my loyal customers that I've had for years that now are following me to the Bondi store. 

You can make an appointment with myself (Frances) or Blake on 02 9389 9105 or email us on Bondi@cutriandco.com.au


In March Cutri and Co Rozelle turned 2!!!!! They say the first year of business is the hardest but I think the second year was. So much growth and change happened! It was the hardest but the best year. Jake and Jarrod now run Rozelle and are doing amazing they are both so talented and have built a little cult following I look forward to see what the future holds for them! I stand by and preach that your team works with you not for you! 

The talent and growth they have had has been recognised in April by the local small business awards. Rozelle to our surprise has become a finalist! Massive well done to Jake and Jarrod we find out in June who wins! 

You can make an appointment with them on 02 9555 1605 or email us on contact@cutriandco.com


We also discovered that Cutri and co got voted top ten barber shops in Sydney by Pop Sugar (Pop sugar is an Australian Blog with over 5 million followers)


The last I should add is Cutri and co became x3!!!!! With the birth of Cutri and co Myer Warringah!! 


We got offered an amazing opportunity to have a space inside Myer Warringah mall and I couldn't refuse! We are located on the Mens level of Myer and have been open just under a month now! This Myer is new and it is stunning its one of Myers concept stores so to be apart of that space is a true honour! If you are around there be sure to check it out! We have a very talented barber named Jen in Warringah. It is open Tuesday to Saturday you can call on 02 8976 1276 or email us to make an appointment!


We currently have no further plans to expand Cutri and co but who knows that the future will hold. We are going to spend the next year focusing on these three stores and all we could hope for is that we get the continuous love and support we have received so far! The team of people behind the brand have been a big part of making this a reality but the most important are our loyal clientele that travel from all over Sydney to see us! The feeling we get when we have a client that has come from Liverpool to Rozelle just for haircut by us never gets old! 

With out each and every one of our clients none of this would be possible and that is our business motto! Customer satisfaction and appreciation is always number one!!!

Thank you 

Frances x