Jake and Jarrod

The Cutri and Co. team has recently expanded to three. It took me a year  before I made the decision to hire other barbers. This was for many reasons. I wanted to really understand the clientele, the area and what surrounding areas had to offer and really understand exactly what they where looking for in a barber shop. I've seen other barber shops in the past open their doors with a full team of barbers, then the business go down hill with a high turn over of staff. That was always my biggest nightmare and something that I never wanted to happen. 

Jake and Jarrod fit Cutri and Co. perfectly and have been an absolute success.

I wanted two so that it was always easy for anyone to get a haircut when they needed. Because of this the three of us work full time. I understand the frustration of not being able to get an appointment when needed, because I myself, leave every appointment I need to make to the last minute. I wanted it to be easy for any one as we live in a time where time is extremely valuable. A friend once said to me, "I don't shave my own face because the time I waste in front of mirror I will never get back".

 Every decision I have made has been for my clients and what suits them. The best thing about Jake and Jarrod is that the three of us have an extremely similar style of cutting hair, so my existing clients have had no issues what so ever with any of us cutting their hair. That was one of the most important things to me. To ensure that the level of service would be consistent across the three of us.

Jake and Jarrod have a lot of experience between the two of them as barbers collectively over 12 years. Their level of detail is something that inspires me and something that I admire daily.

I learn new things from them daily, and that makes it all so much more fun. I've worked in shops that have a very strict environment, and that is always something that I never wanted to have in my shop. I always wanted to come to work and have fun, want to be there and I want the same for anyone that works along side me. I always say they don't work for me, they work with me. Clients are enjoying the atmosphere that the shop has now with the three of us, and thats because we all laugh, have a joke and make our day fun. 

My ideal space has become a reality. I hope you get to come in and enjoy it as much as we do. 

They say the hardest thing about business is staff, I got lucky I guess. 

To make Jake and Jarrod feel welcome, give us a call on 9555 1605 and ask for either Jake or Jarrod.

Frances xx

Below are some photos. Check out our Facebook page to see photos of hair cuts by Jake and Jarrod.