Porsche meets the female barber.

I always get asked why I post cars on Cutri and Co. Barber Shop's Instagram account and why I like Porsche's. They have also recently become sort of a fashion item. The popularity of a vintage Porsche has risen over the past year and when ever I post one it helps with traction to my social media account. The fact that I post cars is quite a big topic of conversation, I guess it's because I'm a girl. First question normally is "where did your love of cars come from?" - my dad and brother are mechanics, I grew up around cars. Like Sebastian from VRS Prestige Smash Repairs up the road from Cutri and Co. says "it's in your blood"

Cars remind me of freedom. That feeling when you got your first car and you could get in it and drive where ever you wanted. I love vintage 911 Porsche's to me they scream class and status. Porsche is one of the only cars that go up in value. 

I love a big powerful car too, something that has guts. I'm obsessed with the Mercedes G63. It's definitely a very masculine car, a man behind the wheel of a G63 I can imagine would feel very powerful. 

Like I said in my previous blog posts I'm obsessed with all things male grooming, fashion and cars just fit right in. 

A car is a mile stone in a man's life, typically most men strive for a great watch, a great car and a house. 

Car's are my motivation, motivates me to work harder and smarter. When I post a car on my Instagram that's me motivating my myself. Maybe it does the same for some of the people that follow the Instagram page too. 

Frances xx