Winter Fumes

I have an abnormal addiction to or shall I say obsession with fragrance and sunglasses. I collect them I have this theory that different styles of sunglasses are suitable for winter and you should change your fragrance/Cologne for the cooler seasons. 

I LOVE men's colognes and I often wear some myself. Its all part of my passion of men's grooming that I spoke about in my previous blogs. I normally can pick a scent that someone is wearing when I am cutting there hair and in the past I've used it as a conversation starter (lol) 

As the weather is changing out come the coats and in comes the rain, it gets darker earlier and to be honest the only thing I like about winter is the fashion. To me everyone looks better in winter.

A scent on someone is very defining just as much as how they choose to present themselves and wear their hair. A lot can be said about someone by the way they choose to dress. A scent though is something that is very memorable, it tops it all off - it adds character. 

I recently started wearing Tom Ford Arabian Wood I love this fragrance, it's deep and heavy hence the reason why i'd only wear it in the cooler months. Imagine wearing something very deep and woody on a hot summers day! The thought makes me cringe. Summer should be fresh and light and winter heavy and deep. To me its like eating a hot bowl of soup on a 40 degree day while sitting in the sun on the beach. It just doesn't go. A lot of clients have noticed Tom Ford Arabian Wood and have complemented it and then bought it after I've told them it is dominantly a men's fragrance. The reason why I've decided to write this blog. 

Below are my ultimate mens colognes that I adore with a passion! If you haven't already got one of these or you haven't smelt them I advise you to defiantly without hesitation do so. Seriously.


This one can be hard to find although a customer told me he got it in duty free last week. It belongs to Tom Ford's luxurious collection Private Blend. It is very deep and woody it was designed for the Kuwait Market so that should give you some form of indication of what it smells like. 

Terre D'hermes is my number one favourite men's cologne ever! Anyone that  knows me well, knows this. To me it is the most perfect men's scent ever made. It has a lot of earthy notes (terre meaning earth) it's spicy but also a little fresh with orange and then cedar. It changes on the skin as the day goes on. I adore this scent and wear it myself from time to time. It isn't for everyone I wouldn't call it generic. 

I dicovered WONDERWOOD from Comme des Garcons not long ago and fell head over heels. I wear Amazing Green from Comme Des Garcons, I think every fragrance they do is spot on to be honest and they are mainly unisex. It has all my favourite notes in it - cedar wood, sandalwood and vetiver. 

Bvlgari Man, this is that one fragrance if you are ever shopping with me I will make you buy this. My brothers are victims of this. It defiantly suits anyone its crisp and sharp it's an oriental woody fragrance and to be honest works perfectly in summer to. The name suits it so well. It defiantly leaves the impression of a man not a boy. 

Platinum Egosite to me is a fragrance that more people need to know about. It is so masculine even I feel like I've gone to far by wearing it myself lol. It is rich and woody, its slightly floral and musky and has fresh aromatic scents. I think it does work all year round and whenever I smell this I think gentleman. 

I would love to know what your favourite cologne, let me know next time you are in. I am always on the look out for something new.

Frances xx