Rebel without a cause

Have you seen a James Dean pic on my instagram page?


I believe I have a certain style with the way I cut hair and the way I perceive the perfect hair cut to be. To me a great men’s haircut should look great with and without product, you should be able to wear it naturally and it should be able to look amazing. You should be able to add product and change it to be a more polished formal look if needed.


A little tip!

Always see how much product the barber/hairstylist is putting in your hair after they have cut it and how long it takes them to style it. The more product, the more time the worse the haircut!


Think if it’s taking them that long and they need that much product, times that by three and that’s how long it is going to take you.


I love hair that looks like its been “worn in” like a good leather jacket or those new pair of RM William boots. Hair that looks effortless but cool like you are naturally fashionable and well presented. Does anyone want to look like they are trying to hard? Don’t get me wrong I love a good zero fade, it always looks really slick but for me I make sure it is very well blended with no sharp lines.


James Dean’s hair is just a perfect example of working with the natural texture in hair and having a haircut that looks effortless, amazing without product and works perfectly with product to give it a more formal look.


From a time when Elvis Presley was still skinny and “rocked” a super slick shinny hairstyle. James Dean changed men’s hair styles, he is a true “Rebel without a cause”.



When I post James Dean photos I always reminisce of when I first feel in love with men’s grooming. Being a female barber I have the ability to create hair styles with my clients that not just suit their face shapes, head shapes and lifestyles I have the ability to create looks together that give my clients confidence, style and character. I personally over the years have developed a love for being effortlessly cool, I love when someone looks like they didn’t try to hard and has their own personal style and individuality. A great haircut is about expressing your personality and who you are as a person. I can tell a lot about someone with how they choose to present themselves and this is something I value most with what I’ve learnt as a women over the past 13 years of my career.