"Money doesn't make you happy but it makes life easier"

The inspiration for this blog came to me the other day. I was with my client Stewart Boland,  Stewart is in his 70's and he is an ex surgeon. He was watching how I hold my scissors and how only my thumb moves when I cut. He taught me how surgeons hold scissors and how by placing my fingers in a different location on the blade I can get 360 degree movement. 

This made me think about all the clients I have meet and all the things they have taught me, from business structure and growth to how one gets away with riding his Harley Davidson on the road with no helmet. I love a good piece of advice from people that can motivate me and I love to learn, learn anything I can - anything that can't be taught in school! I put some of the most memorable stories and advice I have been given below to share with you all. 


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Why George from Jag Plumbing has a successful business! 
Growing up, my parents distilled a strong work ethic to my brothers and I. To strive to be your own boss , to never stop achieving what you want in life. Me and my brother have had our own business for 20 years now. It took us ten years to get our business to where it is at today.
Frances - "What is the best advice you have been given when it comes to business?"
George- "Treat people like you would like to be treated, even in business"
Frances -"What is the one piece of advice you could give me as a small business owner?"
George-"Never make decisions on emotion."
Frances-"Before I opened my barber shop many people told me that I will have no time for anything personal and I will be eating bread and butter every night for dinner! If you met me before I opened my barber shop, would you have said the same thing?"
George- "No, because you chose an ideal location for your business. “it’s not like you opened a coffee shop next to 20 other coffee shops”
Frances - "How do you manage to have a work/life balance? And how important is that to you?"
George - "I've learnt to switch off when I go home, this is very important to me as I don’t want work to effect my family life. Over the years i've learnt that if you don’t do this you could start to resent your business even though its successful - money doesn’t make you happy, but it makes life easier”
Frances- "What made you choose Cutri and Co. Barber Shop as the place for your weekly shave?"
George- "For me personally its about being convenient and easy, I drove past and saw it. There was parking right at the front and I came in. I remember saying to you - if you don’t make me get a shaving rash (as i've had from other shaves) I will come in once a week I didn’t break out, and i've been in once a week since"


Quotes and facts from my clients - 

“The best way to source and impress new clients is looking after your current clients.
If your business needs to grow, you need to grow.
One of the greatest mistakes many businesses make is trying to be all things to all people”
Scott Kelly - McGrath Estate Agents, Network Business Performance and Training
“I imagine being a barber, you would meet some pretty interesting people and the various conversations held on a daily basis would be as interesting as the people sitting in the extremely comfortable chairs at Cutri and Co whilst letting Frances work her magic. The flip side would be that I can only imagine that the same conversation is had pretty much every half an hour a everyday. A little monotonous…..
How does a Construction Project Managers job compare to that of a Barber? Simple, our jobs require us to be psychiatrists. Day in day out we listen to the problems of clients, contractors and staff.
Hayden-Project Manager Construction
Frances - “What do you do for work?”
Anthony - “I work on a private yacht and have been in the industry for 13 years now. The vessels I have worked on over the years are the toys of people in the top 100 of the worlds wealthiest. Rather than a form of transport they are used like a giant floating holiday home and although nearly the size of a football field accommodate around 12 guests in the absolute luxury”
Frances - “Um, how do I get one?”
Anthony - Yacht Captain
Frances - “Con, I drove past you the other day and you where on your three wheeled Harley Davison with no helmet on! Are you crazy? How do you get away with that?
Con- “It’s a long story but it’s registered as a three wheeled car so legally I can drive around on it with no helmet on.”
Frances - “You must get pulled over all the time?!”
Con - “Lets just say if I’m going here to Bondi its at least 3 times Francesca”
Con Damouras - Bar Italia Norton Street Liechhardt
“There are 5 key principles to a successful business, preparation, presentation, market knowledge, honesty and innovation”
Raphael Pulera- York Property Group
“Always trust your gut instinct and never open business with family and friends”
Joseph - Jean Louis Joseph Birkenhead Point
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“Make sure you put aside time for yourself, for your health as well as family friends. If you don’t make that time, it will be filled up with work and you will get tired and burned out. That will be no fun”
Dr Taylor Harrison - Chiropractor, HealthSpace Rozelle.
“First impressions last and in corporate sales it couldn’t be more true. That is why keeping on top of your appearance is so important. For me having a fresh trim is a natural confidence builder”
Jon Sommer - Ingogo
Frances- “Josh, I know nothing about AFL! How do you play? “
Josh - “The aim is to work the ball up the field to your teams goals by kicking, marking and hand balling the ball. It has the foot skills of soccer, tackling of Rugby and NFL (minus the pads) and the movement and jumping of basketball. Not to confuse you or anything... “
Josh Kelly - Midfielder for GWS Giants.
“The key to any relationship, friendship or business is consistency”
Frances Cutri - Cutri and Co. Barber Shop